Become a Top Real Estate Professional and Enhance Your Career

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Mentoring agents is one of the most cherished parts of what I do. Growing up, my mother owned and operated multiple brokerages throughout Worldwide, and thanks to her, I’ve always had access to such incredible mentorship and answers. Joining eXp strengthened that education, giving us resources at the click of a button, so now I give that back through my coaching work here.

A Guide to Alexa’s Coaching Sessions:

You’ll learn approaches for…

  • Leveraging your real estate skills locally and internationally.
  • Making 100% commission, even when you’re with a brokerage.
  • Public speaking and personal branding strategies.
  • Growing your real estate business as a solo agent, part of a team, or leading a team/brokerage.
  • “Retiring vs expiring” in the real estate industry.

Start your real estate career on the right foot and reach out to learn more about how to join a coaching session.